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Instantkey - digital delivery of games and software
Access thousands of products from trusted suppliers and increase your sales!

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About InstantKey

InstantKey is a system for instant delivery of digital goods sold on Allegro, eBay and other sites. Unlike other automatic delivery systems, we connect multiple sellers and buyers, providing stock of various PC games and software from trusted suppliers. Our automated sales tool (that comes in the package) manages your auctions, provides statistics, and enables you to create hundreds of auctions with one click. You decide if to sell stock from our suppliers, your own stock, or mix of the two. With InstantKey you can completely focus on the customer support and leave the stock management to us - that's it!

What do you gain?
- access to thousands of products - no need to stock them, no need to spend millions: the system buys single product when your end customer places an order;
- automatic selection of the best offer among multiple sellers - no need to choose among offers - InstantKey does it for you;
- price optimization for highest profit (while you control the sales margin);
- automatic download and update of product description;
- automatic delivery of goods via your store or auction system (e.g. eBay, Allegro) to the end customer;
- automatic placement and closing of the auction, depending on product availability;

Who can use InstantKey?
- anyone wanting to join digital sales;
- Ebay or Allegro sellers;
- online store owners;